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'They sound not unlike a full-blown rock band yet they are a duo! …the dance floor is full, there are arms in the air, dancing on the bar, singing along, smiles all around, it's a lot of fun and yes, a thoroughly good time was had by all..'

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Collection of five songs - Video link

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North London 2014

Had some really great nights in this large pub

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Audience Feedback after a gig - Video linkk

Feedback after a gig..

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Place Your Hands - Video link

One of our top 10 pubs of the year

Place Your Hands by Reef (Cover)

South London


Morden - 2014

Always a good night at this busy South London pub




"...the dance floor is full, there are arms in the air...a thoroughly good time was had by all"



January - 2015

You'd think it would be quiet at this time of year, but no, it was a great night!



Uxbridge road

A smaller venue requires a more intimate sound and style

West London



The "unique live sound for a duo" does not include volume controls that go to 11

St Patricks Day


South London - 2015

Guinness Guinness and more Guinness also as you'd expect, plenty of singing along too


They stroll out on stage plug in and start, kicking straight into their set with a good clean sound which gets to you immediately.

Then you are in for a surprise.

Once in a while you stumble across a voice that grabs you and refuses to let you go, the singer has such a voice, powerful, confident, relaxed, she handles soul, rock and pop equally well. You know all the songs but they’re delivered with a slick rocking original sound.

The second set sees the crowd dancing, getting into the spirit of things and yelling for more. Twenty minutes later the crowd is starting to go home and you can still hear the songs being sung outside.

The Gig Guide



North London - 2014

A special fundraising night and a great crowd 'up for it'



Seven Kings - 2015

Always a good night at this great venue