Frequently Asked Questions

Where have you played before?

  • At almost every kind of event at a great many different venues

  • From 5 star hotels to the friendly local pub

  • Most venues are in London and the South East

  • But we have played at events from Portsmouth to Carlisle and Colchester to Bristol

What do you do?

  • For most gigs the lineup of the group is a duo

  • Karyn is the singer, Paul is the guitarist and backing vocalist

  • "Ace" is a bespoke computer and is the 3rd member of the duo (!!?)

  • Ace is the most easy going band member ever, looking after the rhythm section, never has an "off day", never late for gigs, no hissy fits, always follows instructions and with impeccable timing!

  • Karyn wishes Paul was a bit more like that!

  • We sometimes perform as a trio with the addition of a second female singer

  • Sometimes Karyn cannot do a gig and so it is necessary to have a different singer

  • And as a four piece with the further addition of a male keyboard player

How much do you charge?

  • As there are so many variables involved with most gigs, we will work out a price after discussing the details of your event with you

  • We strive to be as cost effective as possible and give great value

  • Contact us for details

Can I make special requests for my wedding?

  • Yes, we would like to know what music you like and also possibly more importantly, what music you dislike

  • We can then organise the live music and the disco playlists according to your likes and dislikes

Small Duo Setup


Typical small duo set up in hotel function room

Technical Information

For pub gigs we have a reduced equipment set-up that we use

For larger events we only require power from two normal separate 13 amp household type sockets

One is for the sound equipment and the other for lighting

We are fully self-contained and have a range of equipment available for events with audiences of 40 to 500 guests. As we own and operate all of our equipment, there is no need to hire in extra gear therefore we are able to pass on these savings direct to our customers.

By using bespoke computer equipment and pro gear like Bose and Mackie speakers, Crown amplifiers, Marshall, Shure mics, etc. a professional and reliable level of performance is assured.

We have a complete range of lighting we can use and because we are live entertainers as well as a disco, extra lighting is required to light the performance / stage area as well as the dancefloor

Please let us know in advance if there is a Sound Level Meter in the venue

Stage area before set-up


Private Event

The image above shows a fairly typical set-up if the venue has no stage. Note: guests can also be behind the band

Stage area after set-up


Fully set up

The venue has a relatively low ceiling but the gantry fits without a problem

Pub Gig


Small backline setup

Showing the backline we'd use at a typical medium sized pub gig



Typical Duo set up

Two meter lighting gantry. Music during dinner then live music and disco for 200 guests

Christmas Show


Duo setup, view from the audience

Providing music during dinner then live music and disco

Golf Club


Flackwell Heath Golf Clup

Set up for the trio in an alcove area, using the 4 meter lighting gantry